Wash the towels and spare us the green rinse
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Here is the latest ‘eco awareness’ note IĀ found proudly framed in a hotel bathroom.

We strive to reach a harmonious balance with Nature by means of the sustainable use of natural resources. We thankfully appreciate your assistance in helping us keep a green and clean environment.

What were they doing that was so outstanding and required them to publicly pat their own backs?

They were trying to get out of washing towels.

Come on hotel-owners, we all know the score by now. We know the ‘rules’ on towel usage. In the bath, if you want it washed; hung up anywhere else if you will hold on to it for another day.

I am fully behind the idea on saving on detergent use (and time and money, and all the other less-green motivations that they never mention), but hotels please remember: you are not alone in adopting this policy, you are not striding out. Please stop partronising us.

Especially if you then leave very non-eco spotlights on all day in the lobby, leave lamps on in the room to welcome guests, and provide toiletries in silly, tiny, one-use-only bottles.

Photo: Flickr creative commons by Patrick H Lauke

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2 Responses to “Wash the towels and spare us the green rinse”

  1. Agree. Boring, standard practices like this don’t make you green. I’ve yet to stay in a hotel that’s doing anything new or taking any initiative in this area… I know they’re out there, somewhere.

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