Top ten bargain hotels in South America
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Here’s a slightly belated link to a piece I wrote in last week’s Observer magazine about good-value hotels across South America.

It was good to be able to tip some little-known gems and places too. Cabo Polonio, Ollantaytambo and Valparaiso may trip of the tongue if you have travelled in South America, but to the wider public, they are very much off radar.

Here in Argentina, every new hotelier is throwing themselves into the idea of overly designed boutique places, but really what a lot of tourists is more simple: somewhere comfortable and affordable that has personality and warmth. Somewhere you’ll pay a little extra to treat yourself, but you aren’t prepared to go crazy on suites with in-room jacuzzis because, quite frankly, you’re in an exciting new continent and you don’t plan to spend that much time in the hotel.

These 10 picks are prime ‘flashpacker’ territory and that has to be one of South America’s biggest growing markets.

If anyone reading this has any personal recommendations in South America, drop me a line. I’m always on the look out.

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