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Beyond Iguazú: Argentina’s jungle lodges
2 responses - Posted 10.03.11

Getting to know Misiones (Argentina’s jungle province) beyond Iguazú Falls: this is a trip I’d been wanting to for ages. Here’s the write-up from Saturday’s Guardian. It includes a range of accommodation for various budgets, plus a list of general tips for visiting the falls. Of all the diverse landscapes in South America – the […]

Garufa Grill: Buenos Aires meets London
6 responses - Posted 09.13.11

Today, I visited Garufa, an Argentinian café that has sprung up in Highbury since I’ve been away. It actually opened around two years ago and is brought to us by the same people that launched the very successful Buen Ayre in Hackney. It was oddly exciting to discover it, sitting directly opposite the house where […]

Is your salad rainforest-friendly?
4 responses - Posted 07.29.11

The first time I came to South America I took a three-week trip to Brazil and Argentina with three friends. We were all pretty clueless. On our first night out in Rio, speaking barely a word of Portuguese, we got it all wrong. In a restaurant, one of my friends tried to order what she […]

“The Paris of the South” & other travel cliches
13 responses - Posted 07.19.11

Basra, Iraq – “the Venice of the North”. Photo from WikiCommons. Did you know that “Bogotá is the Athens of South America”? Apparently, it’s because of its many universities and libraries. And, maybe if you squint a bit – while taking very hard drugs – its brick bullring could look a little bit like the […]

The dark side of Buenos Aires boutique hotels
3 responses - Posted 05.18.11

A hotel spy? (Credit: vollefolklore on Flickr) Boutique hotels: they are typically such safe, clean-cut places. But, hold on, there is a dark side, according to this recent video report by BBC travel programme, Fast track. Buenos Aires’s boutique scene is now so fiercely competitive that some have resorted to dastardly techniques. “[There are] indications […]

Pato: Argentina’s little-known national sport
no responses - Posted 05.08.11

If anyone is struggling to picture how a game described as a cross between polo and basketball might look, this video will give you an idea. The longer story on my first day out watching a tournament of ‘pato’, Argentina’s national sport, can be read in this Postcard from Argentina, published in yesterday’s Financial Times. […]

Is travelling solo harder for women?
5 responses - Posted 04.21.11

Yesterday, I made a little contribution to  Guardian’s Top 10 Solo Travel for Summer and it got me thinking about solo travel once again. To be honest, this is not something I do very regularly. The thinking about it part, that is. Travelling alone has never bothered me. In fact, I like it, especially when […]

The pub quiz comes to Argentina
7 responses - Posted 04.06.11

If you are English, you take the concept of a pub quiz for granted. For this reason, I didn’t explain in much detail to my Argentine housemate when I took her along to her very first one in Buenos Aires. We were halfway there on the underground before I explained the system of questions and […]

Argentine women take to the streets
no responses - Posted 03.31.11

Photo: Obelisco, via Wikicommons Victoria Rachitzky There are protests every day in Buenos Aires. It is said that you can actually make a living in this city from renting your services out as a rallying frontperson or drummer to whatever cause needs to get their voice heard. As  a tourist, it can be part of […]

It’s hip to be local
5 responses - Posted 03.29.11

Here it is proof that “going local” is fashionable. I spotted this “I love locals” t-shirt being worn by someone on the streets of a hip* part of Buenos Aires last week.


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