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A homeless woman’s birthday wish
2 responses - Posted 12.24.12

The above video shows a man taking a little time out to celebrate a homeless woman’s birthday in Colombia.

Bolivia’s Death Road is no joke
2 responses - Posted 01.08.12

All across Bolivia you see backpackers wearing their “I survived the Death Road” T-shirts. It refers to a mountain biking trip you can take down the terrifying Yungas Road, nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte. It’s a ‘must-do’ for many on the stereotypical circuit around the country. The trouble is lots of people – mainly […]

Beyond Iguazú: Argentina’s jungle lodges
2 responses - Posted 10.03.11

Getting to know Misiones (Argentina’s jungle province) beyond Iguazú Falls: this is a trip I’d been wanting to for ages. Here’s the write-up from Saturday’s Guardian. It includes a range of accommodation for various budgets, plus a list of general tips for visiting the falls. Of all the diverse landscapes in South America – the […]

Is your salad rainforest-friendly?
4 responses - Posted 07.29.11

The first time I came to South America I took a three-week trip to Brazil and Argentina with three friends. We were all pretty clueless. On our first night out in Rio, speaking barely a word of Portuguese, we got it all wrong. In a restaurant, one of my friends tried to order what she […]

The Great ‘Authentic Travel’ Debate
2 responses - Posted 12.14.10

This month I am pleased to be guest editor of the Tourdust blog. The first time I came across Tourdust was back in February 2009, when they sparked a debate on this blog on the use of word ‘authentic’ (‘What is authentic travel?‘). Some really interesting exchanges followed. A couple of years on and Tourdust […]

Tourism firms try to cash in on Chilean mine rescue
8 responses - Posted 10.14.10

Well, everyone knew it was going to happen. Tourism companies would, of course, be jumping on the back of the Chilean mine rescue. The question was how soon. At 7.46am today, just a few hours after the 33 men were all finally above ground, I got an email. “Fresh air holidays for recently freed miners,” […]

Wash the towels and spare us the green rinse
2 responses - Posted 05.21.10

Here is the latest ‘eco awareness’ note I found proudly framed in a hotel bathroom. We strive to reach a harmonious balance with Nature by means of the sustainable use of natural resources. We thankfully appreciate your assistance in helping us keep a green and clean environment. What were they doing that was so outstanding and […]

My year without flying (thanks to the outstanding Argentinian buses)
7 responses - Posted 02.10.10

When I took my trip home to England for Christmas, I realised it was the first time I boarded a plane in over a year. I shouldn’t have been that surprised. One of the reasons I decided to base myself in South America was so I could do more overland travel and fly less. This […]

Would you take a cruise to Haiti this week?
3 responses - Posted 01.18.10

There was a cry of horror when Royal Caribbean announced it would be resuming cruises to Haiti as early as last Friday. Immediately, people started to picture the scenario: hoards of spoilt tourists shaking their head in pity, before sailing away into the sunset and taking their minds off the nastiness with an all-you-can-eat midnight […]

Freeconomy: the cashless man versus the Guardian trolls
5 responses - Posted 11.13.09

You may have seen a wonderful inspiration series of articles in the Guardian by Mark Boyle – a man who has spent a year living without cash. This doesn’t mean he’s just put it all on his credit cards like other recession-struck folk. Mark has given up money in all its forms. He lives through […]


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