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Garufa Grill: Buenos Aires meets London
6 responses - Posted 09.13.11

Today, I visited Garufa, an Argentinian café that has sprung up in Highbury since I’ve been away. It actually opened around two years ago and is brought to us by the same people that launched the very successful Buen Ayre in Hackney. It was oddly exciting to discover it, sitting directly opposite the house where […]

Bogotá: the culture, cuisine and cool factor
5 responses - Posted 08.24.11

I’m over the idea of getting thrills from Bogotá because it feels daring and dangerous to go there. Bogotá is exciting in its own way. Not everyone is bowled over by it instantly, but that’s what I like about it. I’m not much into standard sightseeing and, despite two visits, I still haven’t even been […]

Going Latino in Miami
no responses - Posted 06.30.11

Just over 10 years ago (cripes), I went to Miami for the first time. Much of it went over my head. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish. My knowledge of Latin food went no further than tacos and tortillas. I ended up – and I promise this really wasn’t my choice – eating in […]

In praise of local pasta makers
no responses - Posted 09.30.10

Following on for a recent article about food shopping in Buenos Aires, I want to give a shout out to my local pasta maker, Impacto Fabrica de Pastas (Carranza 1953). Not long ago I was talking to an Argentinian friend, who like so many others has Italian heritage. He told me how his mum was […]

Exploring Miami’s Little Buenos Aires
2 responses - Posted 07.03.10

I was in Miami on Sunday when Argentina played Mexico. I was told there was only one place for me to go: Normandy Isle, a northern part of Miami Beach known as Little Buenos Aires. My guidebook noted it was a big area for Argentinian immigrants, yet still nothing prepared me for what I found. […]

Cupcake porn in Buenos Aires
2 responses - Posted 06.18.10

Photo: Muma’s Cupcakes via Flickr Cupcakes are selling like …. well…  like hotcakes here in Buenos Aires. Spongy, little hotcakes. For proof, head down to Muma’s Cupcakes in Palermo.  I recommend nabbing one of the tables outside this Greenwich-Village-style store and watching the shoppers pass by.  My (unscientific) survey showed that 8 out of ten people […]

An English breakfast abroad: why not?
13 responses - Posted 05.19.10

This week someone told me about a B&B in Buenos Aires called Abode that prides itself on its ‘full English’ breakfast. “Can they get ‘baked beans?” I asked instantly, trying not to salivate too obviously. I was told that if they can’t get baked beans, the owner has honed her own recipe. Perhaps I should […]

El Patio de La Empanada, Salta
no responses - Posted 04.16.10

  “There’s a great empanada place right near my house in Palermo,” I said to my Salteño friend recently. “Bah,” he scoffed. “Wait until you’ve been to Salta. Then you’ll know what a good empanada is.” Salta, in Argentina’s north west, is renowned for its empanadas and this week I finally got to check them […]

Is food in England really that bad?
11 responses - Posted 01.07.10

Is food in England really that bad? I don’t think so. Quite the opposite. I miss it when I’m away. (Though I am a vegetarian living in Argentina and so times can be hard.) Yet still the myth persists that eating in England is some sort of punishment. I often talk to travellers who have […]

Meet Jim Haynes: Paris host gets his own tv advert
3 responses - Posted 12.29.09

One of my standout meets of 2009 was with Jim Haynes at one of his legendary Parisian Sunday dinners. News reached me the other day that Jim has been used as the face of the After Eights Christmas adverts in the UK. I immediately dropped him a line and he told me the experience was […]


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