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Santiago: the number-one city for 2011?
3 responses - Posted 01.12.11

The New York Times has published its hottest travel destinations for 2011 and I must admit the number one surprised me: Santiago de Chile. It shouldn’t really since I gave it a big tip a few months ago too, and it looks like we agree on a lot of attractions. But even though I was […]

Why Montreal?
1 response - Posted 05.23.10

So, I’ve made decision. I’m off to Montreal to swap the Argentinian winter for the Canadian summer. I’ll be there for two months from the end of June to the end of August. If you’ve been to Montreal, you’ll understand. But I’m finding those that haven’t look at little baffled by the choice. How can […]

Want to meet locals? Pack a cassette tape
2 responses - Posted 03.14.09

Travel tips on meeting locals? I thought I’d heard them all. But here’s a rare and interesting one, courtesy of TravelAnswerMan: “Bringing your own music in an MP3 player or portable CD player is a great way to block out the screeching noise of foreign cities, smooth the ride on trying bus or jeep journeys, […]

My city secret: Lima
1 response - Posted 11.11.08

After I posted on Benji Lanaydo´s best of the local blogs earlier this week, he alerted me to a blog chain he´s started, encouraging writers to share a city secret on their blog, call it ´My city secret´, and then post a link over at “Could a ´My city secret´ post be part of […]

Globetrotters in Harlem: the case of ‘ghetto’ tourism
no responses - Posted 09.30.08

Do tourists visit Harlem merely to gawp at poor, black people? The following is an extract from an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free site by a Harlem resident, Lola Adesioye. “I’m still struggling to get to grips with tourists’ fascination with coming into a poor area, one still considered by many to be […]

Unlit on the road
no responses - Posted 09.10.08

The Unlit boys have gone up in the world. No crashing on couches for them anymore. They’ve bagged themselves a spanking new tour bus. With T-Mobile having pounced on Couchsurfing, it seems mobile companies can’t get enough of hip, new social-networking projects. Orange are the latest to jump aboard, sponsoring the new Unlit tour round […]


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