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World Travel Market: fringe networking
no responses - Posted 11.08.13

I’m pleased to see fringe events that have grown up around the World Travel Market, including the Responsible Tourism Networking night, which is now in its eighth year. It’s organised by Sally Broom of Tripbod and Raj of Social Tours. Aside from being an excuse for a few drinks in good company, it’s a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in front of an audience of potential partners and fellow travel enthusiasts.

A homeless woman’s birthday wish
2 responses - Posted 12.24.12

The above video shows a man taking a little time out to celebrate a homeless woman’s birthday in Colombia.

AirBnB buys Crashpadder
no responses - Posted 03.22.12

The growth of AirBnB from Jan 2011 to Jan 2012 “Untold thanks to our incredible community. It’s been emotional. @airbnb, it’s over to you..” So read the last tweet of the UK’s biggest peer-to-peer accommodation site, Crashpadder. And that’s it. Over and out. They’ve sold up to ever-hungry AirBnB for an undisclosed sum. “As part […]

Bolivia’s Death Road is no joke
2 responses - Posted 01.08.12

All across Bolivia you see backpackers wearing their “I survived the Death Road” T-shirts. It refers to a mountain biking trip you can take down the terrifying Yungas Road, nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte. It’s a ‘must-do’ for many on the stereotypical circuit around the country. The trouble is lots of people – mainly […]

Mutiny aboard the good ship Couchsurfing
11 responses - Posted 09.02.11

Big news came last week in the announcement that had decided to abandon its non-profitmaking roots and accept £4.7m of venture capital. I wrote about it for the Guardian here: Not-for-profit Couchsurfing becomes a company (with a conscience) Some members are angry about the move and protest groups have already been formed on the […]

Argentine women take to the streets
no responses - Posted 03.31.11

Photo: Obelisco, via Wikicommons Victoria Rachitzky There are protests every day in Buenos Aires. It is said that you can actually make a living in this city from renting your services out as a rallying frontperson or drummer to whatever cause needs to get their voice heard. As  a tourist, it can be part of […]

Charlie Brooker on travelling with an iPad
no responses - Posted 03.17.11

After recent debates on travel and technology, this Charlie Brooker rant against the iPad had to be shared. The specific attack on “rectangle-worshiping” travellers is short (find it at 1m56), but the clip is entertaining – and typically caustic – in is entirety.

Staying with locals: the update
1 response - Posted 01.24.11

Here’s an update stay with the locals schemes that I wrote for yesterday’s Guardian travel section.  The aim of the piece was to look at what was new in the field and how the site’s are developing. It ran alongside a piece about an interesting, new homestay project in India and an account by one […]

The day Buenos Aires stood still
3 responses - Posted 11.08.10

Imagine closing a city of 13 million people for one day only. It couldn’t happen, right? Impossible?
On Wednesday October 27th, Buenos Aires managed to pull it off.

Tourism firms try to cash in on Chilean mine rescue
8 responses - Posted 10.14.10

Well, everyone knew it was going to happen. Tourism companies would, of course, be jumping on the back of the Chilean mine rescue. The question was how soon. At 7.46am today, just a few hours after the 33 men were all finally above ground, I got an email. “Fresh air holidays for recently freed miners,” […]


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