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AirBnB buys Crashpadder
no responses - Posted 03.22.12

The growth of AirBnB from Jan 2011 to Jan 2012 “Untold thanks to our incredible community. It’s been emotional. @airbnb, it’s over to you..” So read the last tweet of the UK’s biggest peer-to-peer accommodation site, Crashpadder. And that’s it. Over and out. They’ve sold up to ever-hungry AirBnB for an undisclosed sum. “As part […]

Charlie Brooker on travelling with an iPad
no responses - Posted 03.17.11

After recent debates on travel and technology, this Charlie Brooker rant against the iPad had to be shared. The specific attack on “rectangle-worshiping” travellers is short (find it at 1m56), but the clip is entertaining – and typically caustic – in is entirety.


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