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Top 50 travel websites
8 responses - Posted 05.08.11

The Independent published their list of 50 Best Travel Websites last week. At the time, I was off exploring Misiones, northern Argentina, so this is a belated catch-up. As some readers have pointed out on the Twitter, it’s frustrating that the online version isn’t accessible as a straight list and instead you have to click […]

Is travelling solo harder for women?
5 responses - Posted 04.21.11

Yesterday, I made a little contribution to  Guardian’s Top 10 Solo Travel for Summer and it got me thinking about solo travel once again. To be honest, this is not something I do very regularly. The thinking about it part, that is. Travelling alone has never bothered me. In fact, I like it, especially when […]

Does tech make travel less interesting?
1 response - Posted 03.12.11

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella Manera Is the world a more or less interesting place for traveller today? That was the question that the Guardian was asking at the weekend. It was an interesting debate – featuring travel writers Jan Morris and Pico Iyer – among others. I added my two-penneth too, as the […]

Staying with locals: the update
1 response - Posted 01.24.11

Here’s an update stay with the locals schemes that I wrote for yesterday’s Guardian travel section.  The aim of the piece was to look at what was new in the field and how the site’s are developing. It ran alongside a piece about an interesting, new homestay project in India and an account by one […]

End-of-year round-up: 2010
no responses - Posted 01.07.11

Photo: Picada at La Casona de Carlos Keen. Copyright: Vicky Baker Busy times at the end of 2010 meant my blog posts tailed off a little bit. Usually I like to use this blog to expand on articles I have written elsewhere, or go off at a related tangent, but, for now, here’s a simple […]

Top ten alternative Montreal
3 responses - Posted 09.10.10

Here’s my top ten of alternative Montreal, which was published today on

Offline networking: tips on travelling solo
7 responses - Posted 07.09.10

During my recent stay in Miami I decided to take my travel networking offline. How? With the oldest trick in the book. It goes a little something like this… 1) Go to bar 2) Sit at the bar 3) Order a drink 4) Get out a notebook 5) Wait In my experience, sooner or later, […]

Why Couchsurfing is great for language learners
4 responses - Posted 05.13.10

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really can’t emphasis this point enough: is fantastic for language learners. And not just for hosts/guests. It can be a godsend in your home town too and it needn’t involve a single couch. I have raved about Couchsurfing’s Buenos Aires forum before (see: Top three ways […]

Where to stay in Salta: options for all budgets
6 responses - Posted 04.16.10

I’ve been up north in Salta for the past week, partly for work, partly to accompany visiting family. It was certainly a diverse trip in terms of accommodation, spanning everything from one night’s couchsurfing in a lovely family house in an outlying suburb to a night in an ultra sophisticated boutique hotel in the city […]

Is Couchsurfing bad for locals?
6 responses - Posted 03.21.10

Is Couchsurfing bad for local travel? Well, this is a new conundrum. Sort of. Couchsurfing has, of course, always had it’s critics. And so it should. There is no ‘perfect’ way to travel. Everything has pros and cons. And I’ve always been keen to tackle those belonging to couchsurfing. A very interesting blog over at the new Local Travel Movement site caught my eye today. Writer Ethan Gelber has picked up on some comments suggesting that couchsurfing sites do not fit in with the ‘local travel’ idea.


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