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Bolivia’s Death Road is no joke
2 responses - Posted 01.08.12

All across Bolivia you see backpackers wearing their “I survived the Death Road” T-shirts. It refers to a mountain biking trip you can take down the terrifying Yungas Road, nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte. It’s a ‘must-do’ for many on the stereotypical circuit around the country. The trouble is lots of people – mainly […]

Latin America at the Oscars 2011
2 responses - Posted 03.10.11

It’s been a year since Argentina walked away – to many people’s surprise – with the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for El Secreto de Sus Ojos, staring the country’s biggest sex symbol (in my opinion), Ricardo Darin. 2011 was not a winning one for Latin America in Hollywood, but here are some Oscar-related features […]

San Pedro prison closes to tourism
2 responses - Posted 04.23.09

News from Bolivia: San Pedro Prison has closed its doors to tourism. It was only a matter of time. As I reported in the Guardian in January, the prison was allowing up to 50 backpackers enter through its iron gates every day for a bizarre tour that allowed them to try some of cocaine that […]

Where are Uruguay and Paraguay? Don’t ask Brazil
2 responses - Posted 03.19.09

Everybody needs good neighbours, right? Perhaps someone ought to mention this to Brazil; they seem to have forgotten theirs. On a map released to primary school children in Sao Paulo, they’ve committed the ultimate error: Uruguay and Paraguay appear the wrong way around. And that’s not the only clanger. Paraguay also makes a second appearance […]

Down with the prisoners in La Paz
no responses - Posted 01.17.09

Bolivia’s San Pedro Prison is back in business. In the tourist business, that is. It’s never really been out of every other sort of business. Behind the heavy concrete exterior, it operates its own real-estate trade, cocaine factory, and, allegedly, does a good line in counterfeit banknotes. It’s such practices that lead it to become […]

Koalas in Bolivia?
no responses - Posted 11.24.08

What do you do when you get off a night bus in a chilly Bolivian city at 5am when there are no couchsurfers in town? You rely on your guidebook and book into the only place that it says isn’t freezing at night: the Koala Den. Despite my fear of the cold and the den’s […]


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