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Top ten alternative Montreal
3 responses - Posted 09.10.10

Here’s my top ten of alternative Montreal, which was published today on

Tips on ride-sharing in Canada
2 responses - Posted 08.24.10

On Sunday I was planning a day trip to Ottawa to see a friend. The bus was going to cost me around 60 plus dollars (around £40). Or I could lift share. Remembering that PickupPal are Canada-based, I decided this was a good place give it a try. On a very short timeframe, I set […]

Learning French in Quebec
2 responses - Posted 07.22.10

So here I am at summer school in Montreal. I’m into my third week of French refresher classes at UQAM (L’Université du Québec à Montréal). Keeping up the location independent way of life, I have signed up for the intensive morning course, which leaves me with the afternoons/evenings to earn a living and pay the […]

Jump on da Bixi bikes in Montreal
4 responses - Posted 07.20.10

To my great excitement my Bixi key arrived in the post last week. Bixi is the name of the public bike system here in Montreal. (Bike + taxi = Bixi.) Having paid $28, I can now grab a Bixi from any of the main pick-up points over town and ride for 30 minutes without charge. […]

A world of misguided tourism campaigns
3 responses - Posted 06.03.10

, Blamed for “casting Australia as a nation of tone-deaf people and drawing on dowdy 50-year-old stereotypes”, the latest Tourism Australia campaign hasn’t gone down well on home shores since launching earlier this week. You can watch ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’ here, but be warned: jabbing yourself in the ears with hot barbecue tongs would […]

Why Montreal?
1 response - Posted 05.23.10

So, I’ve made decision. I’m off to Montreal to swap the Argentinian winter for the Canadian summer. I’ll be there for two months from the end of June to the end of August. If you’ve been to Montreal, you’ll understand. But I’m finding those that haven’t look at little baffled by the choice. How can […]


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