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Santiago: the number-one city for 2011?
3 responses - Posted 01.12.11

The New York Times has published its hottest travel destinations for 2011 and I must admit the number one surprised me: Santiago de Chile. It shouldn’t really since I gave it a big tip a few months ago too, and it looks like we agree on a lot of attractions. But even though I was […]

Latin America at ground-level: free eBook
3 responses - Posted 11.27.10

Some months ago,  Steve Roll from TravelOjo asked me to contribute to an ebook on Latin American life and travel. The resulting eBook – Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level – has just been released and is free to download. It is filled with short slices of life from across the Latin world, from Mexico […]

Top ten bargain hotels in South America
no responses - Posted 10.25.10

Here’s a slightly belated link to a piece I wrote in last week’s Observer magazine about good-value hotels across South America. It was good to be able to tip some little-known gems and places too. Cabo Polonio, Ollantaytambo and Valparaiso may trip of the tongue if you have travelled in South America, but to the […]

Tourism firms try to cash in on Chilean mine rescue
8 responses - Posted 10.14.10

Well, everyone knew it was going to happen. Tourism companies would, of course, be jumping on the back of the Chilean mine rescue. The question was how soon. At 7.46am today, just a few hours after the 33 men were all finally above ground, I got an email. “Fresh air holidays for recently freed miners,” […]

Post-quake Chile calls tourists to come back
1 response - Posted 03.05.10

I’ve had a few emails this week from people working in tourism in Chile. They are desperate for it to be known that Chile is not a no-go area for tourism despite last week’s tragic earthquake. Their situation is very different from that in Haiti, where an instant return to tourism-as-usual was disputed. Why? Because […]


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