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People-to-People: pre-internet Couchsurfing
no responses - Posted 10.16.12

Over the last couple of months, I turned detective. I long had the idea to re-visit Jim Haynes’s fantastic People-to-People series from the early 1990s and, finally, this summer I was in Europe with time to take on a new project. “Why do you have a little book about Poland in your hand?” my editor […]

Going Local is ‘hot’
5 responses - Posted 03.09.12

Elle Magazine has named as number three on its ‘hot list’ of ten websites that explore new trends in tourism, namely looking at ways travellers can stay in the homes of locals and bypass the traditional hotel.

Couchsurfing with the Icelandic President?
no responses - Posted 10.12.11

Inspired by Iceland Invitations from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo. Icelanders are opening their homes to visitors, as part of a new tourism campaign — and leading the way is the country’s president. Watch this video above. It appears to be an invite around to the presidency for pancakes. Who’s up for paying him a […]

Mutiny aboard the good ship Couchsurfing
11 responses - Posted 09.02.11

Big news came last week in the announcement that had decided to abandon its non-profitmaking roots and accept £4.7m of venture capital. I wrote about it for the Guardian here: Not-for-profit Couchsurfing becomes a company (with a conscience) Some members are angry about the move and protest groups have already been formed on the […]

Top 50 travel websites
8 responses - Posted 05.08.11

The Independent published their list of 50 Best Travel Websites last week. At the time, I was off exploring Misiones, northern Argentina, so this is a belated catch-up. As some readers have pointed out on the Twitter, it’s frustrating that the online version isn’t accessible as a straight list and instead you have to click […]

Staying with locals: the update
1 response - Posted 01.24.11

Here’s an update stay with the locals schemes that I wrote for yesterday’s Guardian travel section.  The aim of the piece was to look at what was new in the field and how the site’s are developing. It ran alongside a piece about an interesting, new homestay project in India and an account by one […]

Why travelling ‘for free’ doesn’t work
1 response - Posted 06.16.10

Mark Boyle, the freeconomy guy who I’ve written about before, has popped up in the Guardian today talking about how to travel for free. There are no real revelations in his recommendations – Couchsurfing, LiftShare and WWOOFing all get namechecked –  but I’m happy to hear that he is going to be writing more regularly […]

Travel networking: getting over the fear
1 response - Posted 05.27.10

Some people hate the idea of offline travel networking. I’m talking about anything – from Couchsurfing to an open-house dinner – which involve stepping out of a comfort zone and finding yourself in the company of strangers. Here are some tips for getting over the fear and making it work for you: Worried about awkward […]

Why Couchsurfing is great for language learners
4 responses - Posted 05.13.10

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really can’t emphasis this point enough: is fantastic for language learners. And not just for hosts/guests. It can be a godsend in your home town too and it needn’t involve a single couch. I have raved about Couchsurfing’s Buenos Aires forum before (see: Top three ways […]

A brief history of the hotel
2 responses - Posted 05.10.10

I’ve just finished reading Wanderlust: a social history of travel by Laura Byrne Paquet. It’s a great read for anyone interested in how the travel industry got to where it is today, moving from the original aristocratic European ‘grand tours’ to Thomas Cook’s first package holidays and onward to today’s ‘green travel’ and the potential […]


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