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Bolivia’s Death Road is no joke
2 responses - Posted 01.08.12

All across Bolivia you see backpackers wearing their “I survived the Death Road” T-shirts. It refers to a mountain biking trip you can take down the terrifying Yungas Road, nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte. It’s a ‘must-do’ for many on the stereotypical circuit around the country. The trouble is lots of people – mainly […]

Help Londoners find a name for their bikes
6 responses - Posted 07.30.10

London gets its own bike scheme today. Finally. Hurrah. It’s modelled on the Bixi here in Montreal, and for that reason I wrote a comparative piece for the Guardian today: In Montreal’s tracks. There’s a lot of cynicism floating around right now, but I have no doubt they will catch on. Londoners are, by nature, […]

Jump on da Bixi bikes in Montreal
4 responses - Posted 07.20.10

To my great excitement my Bixi key arrived in the post last week. Bixi is the name of the public bike system here in Montreal. (Bike + taxi = Bixi.) Having paid $28, I can now grab a Bixi from any of the main pick-up points over town and ride for 30 minutes without charge. […]


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