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Would Facebook have stopped the Argentinian Dirty War?
3 responses - Posted 03.22.10

Yes, I chose this headline to get your attention. I’m not being trivial and I don’t really think Facebook alone can stop a war. But I do have a serious point to make, if you bear with me. This Wednesday is Día de la Memoria in Argentina. It’s remembrance day to honour the 30,000 people who […]

What travel networks are doing wrong
4 responses - Posted 02.17.10

Where next? A video introduction to the semantic web (aka Web 3.0)   Thanks for everyone who commented on the Guardian Travel Blog looking at ‘where we are now’ with travel networking. So far we’re up to 40-plus comments  and it seems everyone had something interesting to say. So where are travel networks going wrong? Here […]

Freeconomy again: the social network that limits your time online
2 responses - Posted 11.21.09

Continuing on from my blog about the Cashless Man, Mark Boyle, here’s a snippet of info I found on his blog about the social network he’s created called the Freeconomy Community and how he’d hate for it to become the new Facebook. Whereas Facebook’s objective is to keep people on-line, reading their adverts, for as […]

Homesickness? That’s so 1990s
10 responses - Posted 11.06.09

I started the day like most days. Shower, coffee, log on. Check emails, Facebook, Twitter, Guardian headlines and then turn on the Today programme on BBC iPlayer. It was just like any morning in London. Except now I live in Buenos AIres. Not exactly fully ‘going local’, is it? Although I do sometimes have media […]

Facebook: Delete 10 friends, get a free Whopper
no responses - Posted 01.11.09

Fast-food chain Burger King has created “Whopper Sacrifice“, a Facebook application that will give you a coupon for a free hamburger if you delete 10 people from your friends list. Is social networking getting nasty? Or just moving with the times? As people’s “friends” lists move into quadruple figures, an occasional friends cull could soon […]


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