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Going Local is ‘hot’
5 responses - Posted 03.09.12

Elle Magazine has named as number three on its ‘hot list’ of ten websites that explore new trends in tourism, namely looking at ways travellers can stay in the homes of locals and bypass the traditional hotel.

Top ten bargain hotels in South America
no responses - Posted 10.25.10

Here’s a slightly belated link to a piece I wrote in last week’s Observer magazine about good-value hotels across South America. It was good to be able to tip some little-known gems and places too. Cabo Polonio, Ollantaytambo and Valparaiso may trip of the tongue if you have travelled in South America, but to the […]

NYC cracks down on sublets and ‘no-tels’
2 responses - Posted 07.23.10

If you like the idea of renting an apartment during a short break in New York, you could be facing some problems if new legislation is pushed through. The controversial proposal could make it illegal to rent an apartment in the city for any period under 30 days. The “subletting” bill – which has been […]

A brief history of the hotel
2 responses - Posted 05.10.10

I’ve just finished reading Wanderlust: a social history of travel by Laura Byrne Paquet. It’s a great read for anyone interested in how the travel industry got to where it is today, moving from the original aristocratic European ‘grand tours’ to Thomas Cook’s first package holidays and onward to today’s ‘green travel’ and the potential […]

Where to stay in Salta: options for all budgets
6 responses - Posted 04.16.10

I’ve been up north in Salta for the past week, partly for work, partly to accompany visiting family. It was certainly a diverse trip in terms of accommodation, spanning everything from one night’s couchsurfing in a lovely family house in an outlying suburb to a night in an ultra sophisticated boutique hotel in the city […]

Is Couchsurfing bad for locals?
6 responses - Posted 03.21.10

Is Couchsurfing bad for local travel? Well, this is a new conundrum. Sort of. Couchsurfing has, of course, always had it’s critics. And so it should. There is no ‘perfect’ way to travel. Everything has pros and cons. And I’ve always been keen to tackle those belonging to couchsurfing. A very interesting blog over at the new Local Travel Movement site caught my eye today. Writer Ethan Gelber has picked up on some comments suggesting that couchsurfing sites do not fit in with the ‘local travel’ idea.

How do you define ‘local travel’?
11 responses - Posted 03.12.10

This week has seen the launch of It’s aim is to bring together supporters of local travel and it will act as a platform for the debate that is already going on around the web. I was involved in some of the early discussions and it got me thinking about trying to define ‘local travel’.

Locals only: travel writers beware
10 responses - Posted 09.24.09

Photo by Sh@wn~c0mbs on Flickr Here’s a dilemma for all you travel writers out there… What do you do when a hotel specifically tells you they do not want to be included within your article/book/website? This situation arose recently for a colleague of mine. (Those on Twitter may remember I mentioned it briefly.) I won’t […]


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