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Going Local is ‘hot’
5 responses - Posted 03.09.12

Elle Magazine has named as number three on its ‘hot list’ of ten websites that explore new trends in tourism, namely looking at ways travellers can stay in the homes of locals and bypass the traditional hotel.

Top 50 travel websites
8 responses - Posted 05.08.11

The Independent published their list of 50 Best Travel Websites last week. At the time, I was off exploring Misiones, northern Argentina, so this is a belated catch-up. As some readers have pointed out on the Twitter, it’s frustrating that the online version isn’t accessible as a straight list and instead you have to click […]

Does tech make travel less interesting?
1 response - Posted 03.12.11

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella Manera Is the world a more or less interesting place for traveller today? That was the question that the Guardian was asking at the weekend. It was an interesting debate – featuring travel writers Jan Morris and Pico Iyer – among others. I added my two-penneth too, as the […]

How Argentina invented the internet
3 responses - Posted 05.18.10

In the Spanish-speaking world today is apparently ‘the day of the internet‘ and on this very occasion I bring you news that, contrary to all other world evidence, the internet was invented here in Argentina. Yes, a group of Argentinians are laying claim to the internet. “It originated here!” they cry. In some ways it […]

Dancing Matt goes local
1 response - Posted 03.11.10

Dancing Matt is back. He’s just released a new video in conjunction with the World Cup in South Africa (above). It’s not his best perhaps, but I still love Dancing Matt. Who doesn’t? And who doesn’t want to be him? Imagine – this guy does a silly dances for a living. Yes, I’ll say that again: this is […]

More tips on making money from travel blogging
6 responses - Posted 01.09.10

I have written a piece for Guardian Travel today about how to make money from travel blogging. The specific angle was to show if it’s possible and to take a realistic approach. The verdict: doable but only with lots of time and hard work. In researching this piece, I did a number of interviews with some money-making […]

Travelling with an iPhone? That’s not real travel!
10 responses - Posted 10.13.09

I don’t have an iPhone, or any sort of wifi-enabled mobile phone. It’s not any sort of active protest (more the fact that it’s not really a priority for me and if I had one I’d probably leave it on a bus anyway). However, I admit I quite like that I draw a line at only web-surfing when I’m at home. When I’m out and about, I’m happy to be net-free.


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