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Garufa Grill: Buenos Aires meets London
6 responses - Posted 09.13.11

Today, I visited Garufa, an Argentinian café that has sprung up in Highbury since I’ve been away. It actually opened around two years ago and is brought to us by the same people that launched the very successful Buen Ayre in Hackney. It was oddly exciting to discover it, sitting directly opposite the house where […]

Grammar-related tourism: the next big thing
4 responses - Posted 08.27.10

Following on from my recent post about travel buzzwords, I wanted to share a link to an amusing piece about five new types of travel. ‘Bungee climbing’ and ‘cramping’ get a mention, but my favourite has to be the proposed ESL tour. It’s inspired by the success of Eat Pray Love-themed tours. “Based on Lynn […]

Help Londoners find a name for their bikes
6 responses - Posted 07.30.10

London gets its own bike scheme today. Finally. Hurrah. It’s modelled on the Bixi here in Montreal, and for that reason I wrote a comparative piece for the Guardian today: In Montreal’s tracks. There’s a lot of cynicism floating around right now, but I have no doubt they will catch on. Londoners are, by nature, […]

Cupcake porn in Buenos Aires
2 responses - Posted 06.18.10

Photo: Muma’s Cupcakes via Flickr Cupcakes are selling like …. well…  like hotcakes here in Buenos Aires. Spongy, little hotcakes. For proof, head down to Muma’s Cupcakes in Palermo.  I recommend nabbing one of the tables outside this Greenwich-Village-style store and watching the shoppers pass by.  My (unscientific) survey showed that 8 out of ten people […]

Going local with World Cup fans in London
1 response - Posted 06.13.10

France fans during the Uruguay game. Copyright Simon Way Two friends of mine in London have embarked on a fantastic project to document every World Cup game from the perspective of the nation’s fans. Photographer Simon Way and writer Angela Balakrishnan will be hanging out in Greek tavernas, American diners, Argentine steakhouses and who-knows-where-else across […]

Going Latino in London
1 response - Posted 02.01.10

This week sees the launch of Candela Live, "Britain’s first online Latin American and Spanish lifestyle magazine". It looks like a great port of call for Latino expats and travellers missing the food, culture and music that they got to love on their trips. Alongside some interesting features and news round-ups, it lists forthcoming events, […]

From strip clubs to badminton: new meet-up groups in London
1 response - Posted 11.10.09

I’m a big fan of social-networking site MeetUp. Not that I use it very much, but I simply feel comforted to know it exists, so that if I ever have spare time on my hands I can always find interesting new things to do and people to meet. Especially if I go back to London

Going independent: the café revolution
6 responses - Posted 09.28.09

The UK is ready for a coffee house revolution. Actually, scrap that and let’s call it the café revolution. It was our striving to recreate the All-American ‘coffee house’ that lead to the problem. Now we’re tired of the Costas, the Neros, the Starbucks.

London shopping: keeping it local
2 responses - Posted 12.02.08

Wards Corner is the latest London market to come under threat. The Latin American enclave in Tottenham is the being earmarked for “development”. Londoners have already lost a large chunk of Spitalfields and Camden´s future has been looking dubious for sometime. And what have we gained in their place? That monstrous shrine to excessive consumerism: […]


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