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‘Stolen Bansky’: from north London to Miami
1 response - Posted 02.23.13

  When I moved back to north London last summer, I noticed a new sign had appeared by the exit of my nearest underground station. Scrawled on a white board, tube station staff had written directions for those who wanted to find their way to the area’s new – and only – Bansky mural: a […]

Going Latino in Miami
no responses - Posted 06.30.11

Just over 10 years ago (cripes), I went to Miami for the first time. Much of it went over my head. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish. My knowledge of Latin food went no further than tacos and tortillas. I ended up – and I promise this really wasn’t my choice – eating in […]

Offline networking: tips on travelling solo
7 responses - Posted 07.09.10

During my recent stay in Miami I decided to take my travel networking offline. How? With the oldest trick in the book. It goes a little something like this… 1) Go to bar 2) Sit at the bar 3) Order a drink 4) Get out a notebook 5) Wait In my experience, sooner or later, […]

Exploring Miami’s Little Buenos Aires
2 responses - Posted 07.03.10

I was in Miami on Sunday when Argentina played Mexico. I was told there was only one place for me to go: Normandy Isle, a northern part of Miami Beach known as Little Buenos Aires. My guidebook noted it was a big area for Argentinian immigrants, yet still nothing prepared me for what I found. […]


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