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NYC cracks down on sublets and ‘no-tels’
2 responses - Posted 07.23.10

If you like the idea of renting an apartment during a short break in New York, you could be facing some problems if new legislation is pushed through. The controversial proposal could make it illegal to rent an apartment in the city for any period under 30 days. The “subletting” bill – which has been […]

A world of misguided tourism campaigns
3 responses - Posted 06.03.10

, Blamed for “casting Australia as a nation of tone-deaf people and drawing on dowdy 50-year-old stereotypes”, the latest Tourism Australia campaign hasn’t gone down well on home shores since launching earlier this week. You can watch ‘There’s Nothing like Australia’ here, but be warned: jabbing yourself in the ears with hot barbecue tongs would […]

A brief history of the hotel
2 responses - Posted 05.10.10

I’ve just finished reading Wanderlust: a social history of travel by Laura Byrne Paquet. It’s a great read for anyone interested in how the travel industry got to where it is today, moving from the original aristocratic European ‘grand tours’ to Thomas Cook’s first package holidays and onward to today’s ‘green travel’ and the potential […]

NYC hotel with its own social network
2 responses - Posted 04.01.09

There are lots of hotels that like to think they are offering not just a place to sleep but “a lifestyle” too. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t believe them. These are normally the sort of places who also try to sell you their branded CD of forgettable chill-out tunes. However, one place that could have a […]

Globetrotters in Harlem: the case of ‘ghetto’ tourism
no responses - Posted 09.30.08

Do tourists visit Harlem merely to gawp at poor, black people? The following is an extract from an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free site by a Harlem resident, Lola Adesioye. “I’m still struggling to get to grips with tourists’ fascination with coming into a poor area, one still considered by many to be […]


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