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Local guides’ leap of fame
no responses - Posted 03.22.11

A few months back I was on the judging panel for two Leap Local competitions: best local guide and best travel writer. Not long after the winners were announced, an email landed in my inbox. “GOOOD NEEEWWWSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” read the subject line. It had been forward from a rather excited tour guide in Kyrgyzstan. His win […]

Top ten bargain hotels in South America
no responses - Posted 10.25.10

Here’s a slightly belated link to a piece I wrote in last week’s Observer magazine about good-value hotels across South America. It was good to be able to tip some little-known gems and places too. Cabo Polonio, Ollantaytambo and Valparaiso may trip of the tongue if you have travelled in South America, but to the […]

Going Inca in Ollantaytambo
3 responses - Posted 02.22.10

I have a tip for you. I haven’t had much luck with it until now. None of my friends heading to Peru have taken me up on it. Why? Not because they don’t believe me, but generally because when it comes to visiting Machu Pichhu they’ve tied themselves into rigid schedules. A few days in Cusco […]

The Machu Picchu floods: now the tourists have gone
no responses - Posted 02.07.10

  The last of the tourists have been rescued from Machu Picchu and the environs after the floods. But what of the people left behind? Here’s an update from a friend of mine, Gonzalo Fossa of Mountain Lodges of Peru on what happened in the village of Mollepata, which is located about 2 ½ hours from […]

Peru: ‘an ugly country with bad food & thieving locals’?
31 responses - Posted 10.12.09

Thinking about going to Peru? How’s this for advice? The water? Is poisonous. The food? Gives you diarrhea. The country? Is ugly. The pollution in Lima makes you choke. And everyone, and I mean everyone — taxi drivers, hotel owners,tour operators, souvenir vendors — tries to rob you. It makes you paranoid. I went to […]

Indigenous rights clash continues in Peru
2 responses - Posted 06.17.09

Highly disturbing images have been coming out of Peru in recent days. At least 34 people have died in conflict between police and indigenous activists who were protesting oil and mining projects in the northern Amazonian province of Bagua.

Going local in Peru
1 response - Posted 04.04.09

From an article published in today’s Guardian. Sonia Guzman is the sort of storyteller who has you hanging on every word – even if you can’t understand all of them. We’re sitting around her dining room table and she’s recounting Inca legends. She is speaking in Spanish, and there are lots of long Quechua names, […]

My city secret: Lima
1 response - Posted 11.11.08

After I posted on Benji Lanaydo´s best of the local blogs earlier this week, he alerted me to a blog chain he´s started, encouraging writers to share a city secret on their blog, call it ´My city secret´, and then post a link over at “Could a ´My city secret´ post be part of […]


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