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Travel networking: getting over the fear
1 response - Posted 05.27.10

Some people hate the idea of offline travel networking. I’m talking about anything – from Couchsurfing to an open-house dinner – which involve stepping out of a comfort zone and finding yourself in the company of strangers. Here are some tips for getting over the fear and making it work for you: Worried about awkward […]

What do murder rates tell us about a country?
5 responses - Posted 10.14.09

What do murder rates tell us about a country? So asked the Guardian yesterday in a blog listing global homicide figures. I’d like to turn that round and ask: what does a murder rate tell us about tourist safety?

Safety tips for couchsurfers
1 response - Posted 09.07.08

Safety. It’s everyone’s first thought when you mention couchsurfing. And rightly so. No one should enter into meeting “strangers” completely blindly. However, blind panic isn’t the answer either. A while ago I was contacted by a journalist from Sky News who was writing a piece about the safety issues of travel networking and staying at […]


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