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Bogotá: the culture, cuisine and cool factor
5 responses - Posted 08.24.11

I’m over the idea of getting thrills from Bogotá because it feels daring and dangerous to go there. Bogotá is exciting in its own way. Not everyone is bowled over by it instantly, but that’s what I like about it. I’m not much into standard sightseeing and, despite two visits, I still haven’t even been […]

Ecuador for students (and others)
1 response - Posted 04.26.11

Here’s my tip written for student travellers on today’s Ecuador is considered one of the best places to learn Spanish in Latin America because of the clear accent and low prices. I enjoyed my stay at Quito’s Secret Garden Hostel, a place that is quite rightly proud of its terrace’s panoramic views over the […]

Latin America at the Oscars 2011
2 responses - Posted 03.10.11

It’s been a year since Argentina walked away – to many people’s surprise – with the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar for El Secreto de Sus Ojos, staring the country’s biggest sex symbol (in my opinion), Ricardo Darin. 2011 was not a winning one for Latin America in Hollywood, but here are some Oscar-related features […]

Santiago: the number-one city for 2011?
3 responses - Posted 01.12.11

The New York Times has published its hottest travel destinations for 2011 and I must admit the number one surprised me: Santiago de Chile. It shouldn’t really since I gave it a big tip a few months ago too, and it looks like we agree on a lot of attractions. But even though I was […]

Latin America at ground-level: free eBook
3 responses - Posted 11.27.10

Some months ago,  Steve Roll from TravelOjo asked me to contribute to an ebook on Latin American life and travel. The resulting eBook – Celebrating Latin America at Ground Level – has just been released and is free to download. It is filled with short slices of life from across the Latin world, from Mexico […]

The World Cup: it’s somewhere down south
no responses - Posted 06.03.10

I’d like to think this is a spoof, but it probably isn’t.

An English breakfast abroad: why not?
13 responses - Posted 05.19.10

This week someone told me about a B&B in Buenos Aires called Abode that prides itself on its ‘full English’ breakfast. “Can they get ‘baked beans?” I asked instantly, trying not to salivate too obviously. I was told that if they can’t get baked beans, the owner has honed her own recipe. Perhaps I should […]

The demise of locally owned beer
10 responses - Posted 04.19.10

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Falling Sky I’ve been travelling a lot recently with a friend who was recently made redundant from giant drinks company InBev (Stella, Beck’s, Bud etc etc). It has become a tradition for us to order a local beer and hold our breath as we check the label. More often than […]

The death of the tourist v traveller debate
1 response - Posted 04.18.10

Here it is. Proof that the tourist-versus-traveller debate has run its course (as if we needed it). It has now been incorporated into an American Express ad campaign. I just spotted it on a BA billboard.

Where to stay in Salta: options for all budgets
6 responses - Posted 04.16.10

I’ve been up north in Salta for the past week, partly for work, partly to accompany visiting family. It was certainly a diverse trip in terms of accommodation, spanning everything from one night’s couchsurfing in a lovely family house in an outlying suburb to a night in an ultra sophisticated boutique hotel in the city […]


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