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How Argentina invented the internet
3 responses - Posted 05.18.10

In the Spanish-speaking world today is apparently ‘the day of the internet‘ and on this very occasion I bring you news that, contrary to all other world evidence, the internet was invented here in Argentina. Yes, a group of Argentinians are laying claim to the internet. “It originated here!” they cry. In some ways it […]

Why Couchsurfing is great for language learners
4 responses - Posted 05.13.10

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really can’t emphasis this point enough: is fantastic for language learners. And not just for hosts/guests. It can be a godsend in your home town too and it needn’t involve a single couch. I have raved about Couchsurfing’s Buenos Aires forum before (see: Top three ways […]

The best secret bars
2 responses - Posted 03.02.09

Travellers can’t seem to get enough of speakeasies. Check out this top secret drinking dens piece from yesterday’s Observer Escape. As soon as I read the headline, I scanned the page for the mention of Buenos Aires. It was inevitable given this city’s long-standing word-of-mouth culture. And, sure enough, there it was: a mention of […]


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