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World Travel Market: fringe networking
no responses - Posted 11.08.13

I’m pleased to see fringe events that have grown up around the World Travel Market, including the Responsible Tourism Networking night, which is now in its eighth year. It’s organised by Sally Broom of Tripbod and Raj of Social Tours. Aside from being an excuse for a few drinks in good company, it’s a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in front of an audience of potential partners and fellow travel enthusiasts.

AirBnB: Should you warn your neighbours?
no responses - Posted 01.12.12

There is an interesting article on the Betabeat site this week looking at how AirBnB users could be upsetting their neighbours. It’s a question worth asking. People using the phenomenally popular site to rent out their own self-contained house, that’s one thing. But giving a stream of people the keys to an apartment block with […]

How 9/11 sparked a local travel site
no responses - Posted 09.11.11

Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. With all the commemorations, tie-ins and, in some cases, blatant profiteering (fancy some 9/11 memorial wine priced at $19.11? ), I don’t think many people have failed to pick up on this. As midnight approaches, most of us have reached overload. Nonetheless, the following email sent out by […]

Mutiny aboard the good ship Couchsurfing
11 responses - Posted 09.02.11

Big news came last week in the announcement that had decided to abandon its non-profitmaking roots and accept £4.7m of venture capital. I wrote about it for the Guardian here: Not-for-profit Couchsurfing becomes a company (with a conscience) Some members are angry about the move and protest groups have already been formed on the […]

Does tech make travel less interesting?
1 response - Posted 03.12.11

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella Manera Is the world a more or less interesting place for traveller today? That was the question that the Guardian was asking at the weekend. It was an interesting debate – featuring travel writers Jan Morris and Pico Iyer – among others. I added my two-penneth too, as the […]

Tips on ride-sharing in Canada
2 responses - Posted 08.24.10

On Sunday I was planning a day trip to Ottawa to see a friend. The bus was going to cost me around 60 plus dollars (around £40). Or I could lift share. Remembering that PickupPal are Canada-based, I decided this was a good place give it a try. On a very short timeframe, I set […]

Offline networking: tips on travelling solo
7 responses - Posted 07.09.10

During my recent stay in Miami I decided to take my travel networking offline. How? With the oldest trick in the book. It goes a little something like this… 1) Go to bar 2) Sit at the bar 3) Order a drink 4) Get out a notebook 5) Wait In my experience, sooner or later, […]

Travel networking: getting over the fear
1 response - Posted 05.27.10

Some people hate the idea of offline travel networking. I’m talking about anything – from Couchsurfing to an open-house dinner – which involve stepping out of a comfort zone and finding yourself in the company of strangers. Here are some tips for getting over the fear and making it work for you: Worried about awkward […]

Has Couchsurfing grown up?
6 responses - Posted 02.15.10

  Is Couchsurfing now mainstream? 1.5m users is huge number for something supposed to be ‘alternative’. But it depends on what circles you mix in. A couple of years ago, I found myself often having to start from scratch explaining the concept to other travellers in hostels. Couchsurfing was by no means new then, but […]

How to set up an online accommodation network
7 responses - Posted 11.26.09

2009 has been the year of accommodation networks. These are the sites that enable you to bypass hotels and rent a room or house directly from the owners. What started off as the idea of a small fee for a place to crash or throw an airbed down (in a style of couchsurfing) has moved […]


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