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A homeless woman’s birthday wish
2 responses - Posted 12.24.12

The above video shows a man taking a little time out to celebrate a homeless woman’s birthday in Colombia.

How ‘local’ became travel’s biggest buzzword
no responses - Posted 10.04.12

A few months ago, I stood behind a group of 15 or more tourists waiting for the cable car to the top of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular attractions, Sugar Loaf mountain. The group was mostly from the US and UK, with the average age probably around 19. An American girl was leading […]

Does tech make travel less interesting?
1 response - Posted 03.12.11

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella Manera Is the world a more or less interesting place for traveller today? That was the question that the Guardian was asking at the weekend. It was an interesting debate – featuring travel writers Jan Morris and Pico Iyer – among others. I added my two-penneth too, as the […]

Freeconomy: the cashless man versus the Guardian trolls
5 responses - Posted 11.13.09

You may have seen a wonderful inspiration series of articles in the Guardian by Mark Boyle – a man who has spent a year living without cash. This doesn’t mean he’s just put it all on his credit cards like other recession-struck folk. Mark has given up money in all its forms. He lives through […]

What do murder rates tell us about a country?
5 responses - Posted 10.14.09

What do murder rates tell us about a country? So asked the Guardian yesterday in a blog listing global homicide figures. I’d like to turn that round and ask: what does a murder rate tell us about tourist safety?

Travelling with an iPhone? That’s not real travel!
10 responses - Posted 10.13.09

I don’t have an iPhone, or any sort of wifi-enabled mobile phone. It’s not any sort of active protest (more the fact that it’s not really a priority for me and if I had one I’d probably leave it on a bus anyway). However, I admit I quite like that I draw a line at only web-surfing when I’m at home. When I’m out and about, I’m happy to be net-free.

Brits abroad: a national obsession
3 responses - Posted 07.20.09

There was an interesting (and, as ever, entertaining) article by David Mitchell in yesterday’s Observer. He tackles something I’ve also been thinking about recently: the British obsession with holidays. Going abroad is not a luxury for us; it’s a need; it’s our right. As Mitchell says: To deny us them is like a Roman emperor […]


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