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The shame of saying ‘we met via Twitter’
4 responses - Posted 01.14.10

Taking Twitter into the real world: Video from CollegeHumor. Some weeks ago I went to a party, which I was invited to via someone on Twitter. It was a Tweetsgiving event (an organisation which, if you get beyond the cringey name, is doing great work raising finds for schools in Tanzania). I was invited by […]

Freeconomy again: the social network that limits your time online
2 responses - Posted 11.21.09

Continuing on from my blog about the Cashless Man, Mark Boyle, here’s a snippet of info I found on his blog about the social network he’s created called the Freeconomy Community and how he’d hate for it to become the new Facebook. Whereas Facebook’s objective is to keep people on-line, reading their adverts, for as […]

Homesickness? That’s so 1990s
10 responses - Posted 11.06.09

I started the day like most days. Shower, coffee, log on. Check emails, Facebook, Twitter, Guardian headlines and then turn on the Today programme on BBC iPlayer. It was just like any morning in London. Except now I live in Buenos AIres. Not exactly fully ‘going local’, is it? Although I do sometimes have media […]

The world goes mad for Twestival
no responses - Posted 02.13.09

I didn’t make it to Twestival last night. My internet connection went down so I didn’t have means of contacting other attendees or, crucially, knowing where it was. (It looks like there are some drawbacks of internet-based festivals.) For those who missed the build-up, Twestival was a multinational event taking place for users of social-networking […]

Is Twitter useful for travel?
4 responses - Posted 02.04.09

Like many people, I didn’t get Twitter at first. “Bit limited, isn’t it?” I thought. “Why would I want to use that site to tell people what I’m doing or where I am. Might as well just update my status on Facebook.” Ah, poor misguided fool that I was. But although it’s proved its worth […]


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