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Is food in England really that bad?
11 responses - Posted 01.07.10

Is food in England really that bad? I don’t think so. Quite the opposite. I miss it when I’m away. (Though I am a vegetarian living in Argentina and so times can be hard.) Yet still the myth persists that eating in England is some sort of punishment. I often talk to travellers who have […]

Going local in Britain: some tips
no responses - Posted 12.03.09

I just booked a flight home to England for Christmas. As I’ve been away for a while, I will be following this advice for tourists visiting Britain to avoid a faux pas. Photo: Banksy’s policemen in Brighton via Flickr. Taken by Simon Booth.

Freeconomy again: the social network that limits your time online
2 responses - Posted 11.21.09

Continuing on from my blog about the Cashless Man, Mark Boyle, here’s a snippet of info I found on his blog about the social network he’s created called the Freeconomy Community and how he’d hate for it to become the new Facebook. Whereas Facebook’s objective is to keep people on-line, reading their adverts, for as […]

Freeconomy: the cashless man versus the Guardian trolls
5 responses - Posted 11.13.09

You may have seen a wonderful inspiration series of articles in the Guardian by Mark Boyle – a man who has spent a year living without cash. This doesn’t mean he’s just put it all on his credit cards like other recession-struck folk. Mark has given up money in all its forms. He lives through […]


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