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Does tech make travel less interesting?
1 response - Posted 03.12.11

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Daquella Manera Is the world a more or less interesting place for traveller today? That was the question that the Guardian was asking at the weekend. It was an interesting debate – featuring travel writers Jan Morris and Pico Iyer – among others. I added my two-penneth too, as the […]

Top ten bargain hotels in South America
no responses - Posted 10.25.10

Here’s a slightly belated link to a piece I wrote in last week’s Observer magazine about good-value hotels across South America. It was good to be able to tip some little-known gems and places too. Cabo Polonio, Ollantaytambo and Valparaiso may trip of the tongue if you have travelled in South America, but to the […]

Going local in a tourist hotspot
9 responses - Posted 04.05.10

I just read an interesting post on the At Home in Tuscany blog. In it the author addressed a decision by Grantourismo couple (and local travel supporters) Lara Dunston and Terry Carter to stay in Puglia. I’m not qualified enough on Italy to comment on this but the author wrote: Of all the hidden gems for […]

Hanging out with the gauchos in Uruguay
1 response - Posted 01.06.10

"If you are a British teenager, we are not a party place nor an entertainment centre. If you are a 60-something North American, we do not have Sheraton-like facilities. We are a real South American ranch." As soon as I received these words in an email from Uruguayan ranch owner Juan Manuel, I knew I was on […]

Where are Uruguay and Paraguay? Don’t ask Brazil
2 responses - Posted 03.19.09

Everybody needs good neighbours, right? Perhaps someone ought to mention this to Brazil; they seem to have forgotten theirs. On a map released to primary school children in Sao Paulo, they’ve committed the ultimate error: Uruguay and Paraguay appear the wrong way around. And that’s not the only clanger. Paraguay also makes a second appearance […]


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