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Going Local is ‘hot’
5 responses - Posted 03.09.12

Elle Magazine has named as number three on its ‘hot list’ of ten websites that explore new trends in tourism, namely looking at ways travellers can stay in the homes of locals and bypass the traditional hotel.

Staying with locals: the update
1 response - Posted 01.24.11

Here’s an update stay with the locals schemes that I wrote for yesterday’s Guardian travel section.  The aim of the piece was to look at what was new in the field and how the site’s are developing. It ran alongside a piece about an interesting, new homestay project in India and an account by one […]

Going local with World Cup fans in London
1 response - Posted 06.13.10

France fans during the Uruguay game. Copyright Simon Way Two friends of mine in London have embarked on a fantastic project to document every World Cup game from the perspective of the nation’s fans. Photographer Simon Way and writer Angela Balakrishnan will be hanging out in Greek tavernas, American diners, Argentine steakhouses and who-knows-where-else across […]

Why Couchsurfing is great for language learners
4 responses - Posted 05.13.10

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I really can’t emphasis this point enough: is fantastic for language learners. And not just for hosts/guests. It can be a godsend in your home town too and it needn’t involve a single couch. I have raved about Couchsurfing’s Buenos Aires forum before (see: Top three ways […]

What travel networks are doing wrong
4 responses - Posted 02.17.10

Where next? A video introduction to the semantic web (aka Web 3.0)   Thanks for everyone who commented on the Guardian Travel Blog looking at ‘where we are now’ with travel networking. So far we’re up to 40-plus comments  and it seems everyone had something interesting to say. So where are travel networks going wrong? Here […]

The shame of saying ‘we met via Twitter’
4 responses - Posted 01.14.10

Taking Twitter into the real world: Video from CollegeHumor. Some weeks ago I went to a party, which I was invited to via someone on Twitter. It was a Tweetsgiving event (an organisation which, if you get beyond the cringey name, is doing great work raising finds for schools in Tanzania). I was invited by […]

Tips on couchsurfing during the South Africa World Cup
no responses - Posted 12.04.09

Word is they’re short on traditional accommodation options for the South Africa World Cup. I wrote a piece today for the Guardian about alternative options, including using sites such as iStopover, Couchsurfing and home exchanging. While researching, I logged onto the South Africa group on to get the current lowdown. Predictably, there are a lot […]

Freeconomy again: the social network that limits your time online
2 responses - Posted 11.21.09

Continuing on from my blog about the Cashless Man, Mark Boyle, here’s a snippet of info I found on his blog about the social network he’s created called the Freeconomy Community and how he’d hate for it to become the new Facebook. Whereas Facebook’s objective is to keep people on-line, reading their adverts, for as […]

From strip clubs to badminton: new meet-up groups in London
1 response - Posted 11.10.09

I’m a big fan of social-networking site MeetUp. Not that I use it very much, but I simply feel comforted to know it exists, so that if I ever have spare time on my hands I can always find interesting new things to do and people to meet. Especially if I go back to London

Top 3 ways to meet locals in Buenos Aires
4 responses - Posted 10.20.09

If you stay in a hostel, your contact is predominantly with other travellers; if you’re in hotel, the receptionist may do a sterling job professing interest in your daily sightseeing, but this rarely goes beyond ten minutes. So how do you break the cycle?


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